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Metal Trades Machine LLC.

Metal Trades Machine LLC.


About Us

Metal Trades Machine is a quality provider of CNC machined parts, assemblies, and complete machines. With our in-house CAD capability, we can provide efficient solutions to help YOU make money! We welcome your prototype or production parts so if you need parts for anything that floats, flies, drives, or dives give us a call we'll fix you up. We do a lot of business by mail order and we can deliver your order personally in the DFW area. MTM partners with certain area vendors for specialty processes such as precision welding, laser cutting, sheetmetal, foundry, gear cutting, plastics, heat treat, mil-spec coatings, and testing/inspection services so we can furnish you finished parts. Plasma, laser, or waterjet cut parts no problem; if you have a sketch or something we can reverse engineer we can get your parts made. Our staff brings many years of combined experience in making good parts, on time.

Off road/performance parts (Custom Harley racing cylinders, engine plates, bearing housings, steering linkage)
Military/aircraft parts (DOD spare parts manufacturing, custom fasteners, specialty bearings)
Oilfield/wireline/downhole parts (Flow tubes/grease tubes, cable end ferrules)
Firearms parts (Custom flash suppressors, solvent trap parts, muzzle end accessories)
Specialty Machines and Power Transmission components

CAD work/consulting

CNC mill 20*16*16 xyz with rotary axis
CNC lathe 10*20, 2" bar capacity
(2) CNC lathe 6*12 with live tooling, 1 5/8" bar capacity

Gundrill 3/4*18"
Honing machine
Key Broaching Equipment
Universal Tool Grinder
Bridgeport Mill
Engine lathe


A custom roll forming machine we designed and built for standing seam roof panels
Steam valves for a proprietary printing process
A previous failed repair on a panhead exhaust stud
Same head, good as new again
Reverse engineering a failed front pulley on an S&S motor on an American Ironhorse chopper
A new pulley we made to replace the failed one.
Some custom fasteners we made from 316 SS.
A broken crusher shaft in for repair
The repaired shaft, good as new.
CAD view of a set of custom wheel spacer/adapters we made for a custom show truck
Crimp roll for a custom sheetmetal crimping machine we designed and built.
Installed view of a custom adapter for a 3-lug suppressor mount
Exploded view of a custom adapter for a 3-lug suppressor mount
Intake baffle for a racing outboard motor reverse engineered
Commercial door lock plate assemblies. All parts zinc plated.
Twist rods for commercial door locks. Cadmium plated.

Rep/Contact Info

Brian Rasco