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Did you know that your dumpster is a major breeding ground for bacteria? Dumpsters become foul even when trash bags are used to contain the garbage inside the bin. The bags inside your dumpster will certainly acquire nicks, rips, and slashes; therefore, odors. mush, and foul liquids will inevitably find their way into the bottom of the dumpster. This can lead to increased health risks. The residue that builds up in the bottom of a dumpster is a breeding ground that can cause diseases, such as E. coli, Salmonella, and Listeria.

Unpleasant and offensive odors are produced by bacteria growth. Pollutants in a dumpster are potentially harmful to the environment. They could reach storm drains, streams, rivers, lakes and ocean runoff. The consequences translate into additional human health risks, ecosystem disturbances and an overall negative impact on water resources. These pollutants attract ants, flies, maggots, and other insects that can spread. Experience shows that frequent cleaning is required to reduce the risk of biological infection from waste containers. For that reason, a routine maintenance approach ensures that your business is protected from common dangers.

We kill 99% of all known germs, fungi, and viruses, while recycling all water and complying with all EPA regulations. Our system is 100% environmentally friendly and uses a self-contained cleaning unit that collects all of the wastewater to avoid urban run-off, causing no harm to the environment. The end result…the look and smell of a new bin without the risk of disease!

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  • Steam Cleaning Dumpsters


What a good lookin' truck@
Trash bin cleaning system
Nasty, dirty, smelly trash bin!
Sparkling clean, disinfected trash bin!
Nasty, filthy dumpsters!
Sparkling clean dumpsters!

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